The Future is green

Bornholm turns obstacles into opportunities

Bornholm located at the very east of Denmark, the Baltic Sea and is also called rocky - or sunny island. Bornholm's main attraction is the extremely varied and beautiful scenery with large forests, dramatic cliffs and sandy beaches in the world. Nature gives natives piles of snow, torrential waves, and severe storms. But it also gives the island piles of sunny hours, beautiful beaches and unique attractions. This environment draws people to the island, attracting new visitors and makes tourists flock to and return year after year.

A sustainable Business

Bornholm turns obstacles into opportunities

There are those who believe that technology, design and creativity belong in the big cities. That large problems should be solved by large companies in large offices. But Bornholm has, as a society, decided to show the opposite: That innovation, solutions and development can happen anywhere, anytime, by anyone.

Leading the way and showing that the future belongs to those who invent it

Working with business centres on the island has had a positive effect on business development in the past few yeas. Bornholm unites companies and institutional forces and resources in these centres, with a focus on local innovations with international potential.

Creating growth

By creating an innovative environment, Bornholm has managed to create growth and new jobs in the green industry.

The good life

Everybody can change the world

It is often said that Bornholm is Denmark in a nutshell. Bornholm lets you experience much of what Denmark has to offer: hills, green and lush farmland and lots of forest. And, as the only place in Denmark, you can also find cliffs on Bornholm. On the south coast lies Dueodde, with wide, sandy beach with fine sand, one can muster in Denmark.

Producing local food

Bornholm is eatable. The island's restaurants and food producers are acknowledged for their high quality, and take their culinary base in forest, coast and sea.

Involving the individual

We believe that the involvement and the opportunity to influence decisions locally is the right way to support the vision of a sustainable island community.

A sustainable society

Farming done differently

Almost half of the entire population on Bornholm are farmers. One farmer in particular has taken social responsibility and sustainability to heart. He is producing pigs in a forest instead of in a barn. The pigs are given good food, lots of freedom and fresh air as well as ample room to romp, play and tinker in the ground with their snouts.

Reaching beyond the island

Bornholm has, among other things, cemented a strong food brand, which paves the way for local manufacturers to sell exclusive delights, including cheeses, organic meat, beer, caramels, chocolate, ice cream and oil to customers worldwide.

Social responsibility

Bornholm has developed several new business models that provide meaningful employment for people with disabilities or other challenges.

Green energy

Everybody can change the world

The green transition extends further than renewable energy and technological solutions. It is essential that the individual is a part of the development. That we teach ourselves and our children to think sustainably, changing our own habits and increasing the green food. Participation, openness to outsiders and caring for our environment as well as ourselves, are the most important elements of life on Bornholm.

Bright Green Island

Bright Green Island is the vision of a 100% sustainable, CO2-free society by 2025. A society that shows the world how it is possible for a small island to make informed attack on pressing global challenges.

The power of a wind turbine

An important source of renewable energy on Bornholm is wind power, which today covers 50% of the electricity consumption.